IMAGINE THAT! A Short Essay©

by Michael Grice 11/95

I bought a nice electronic microwave oven last year. You could setup your cooking by time or temperature and you could have it start later in the day if you wanted using the electronic digital timer. The only problem was the number "9" did not work. The manufacturer said that was a bug they were working on and told me the work-around was to cook the item 2 or more times to total "9" when needed...cook 5 minutes then 4 minutes. They were nice enough to tell me that when the fix became available it would only cost me half of what I originally paid for the microwave. IMAGINE THAT!

Earlier this year I bought a new 10-speed bicycle. It was light-weight and fast. It had a comfortable seat and 2 brake handles. The only problem was that the brakes would not work when travelling downhill at over 20-MPH, according to a note included with the instructions. They would work on a level road/track or even travelling uphill. The company said the workaround was to not travel fast on hilly roads. They said they should have a fix for this soon and it would only cost me $50. IMAGINE THAT!

I found some new semi-dress shirts that I really liked and bought several of them. They were made of a nice material and had button-down collars. The only problem was the bottom two buttons (near the shirt-tail) were missing on all of them. The manufacturer said it was a design flaw and since it was a minor flaw they were not working on a fix but they did give me a work-around. They said I could use safety pins at the bottom and if the pins showed when I tucked the shirt in to wear a long tie to cover them. IMAGINE THAT!

My new stereo system is really neat. It has the surround-sound features and 6 speakers to get great quality sound from movies and video concerts. It had a powered sub-woofer to "feel" the very deep bass tones. The only problem is that it won't play a small range of frequencies...about the range of a high-pitched voice or tone. Therefore, when I'm watching a movie, I miss some of the words that are spoken or sounds that are made and get a blank spot (or no sound) instead. The manufacturer is working on a bug fix and will send me the part for FREE when it becomes available. They said if I know how to remove and apply solder to a circuit board, I could change the part myself. Or, I could pay a service center to do it. IMAGINE THAT!

I read the other day that all the manufacturers of computer hardware and software got together and decided they were no longer going to ship defective products. They said if any of their hardware or software had a bug they would only ship it after fixing the bug or after taking the "bugged" feature out of the product. They even decided to standardize many software and hardware features not only within their own company but with each other. For example, you won't have the feature to customize the product's toolbar under the "Tools" menu on one product and under the "View" menu on another. And, if something happens to get shipped with a bug, these manufacturers will automatically ship the bug-fix FREE of charge (not sell a subscription to updates or an "enhancement" upgrade). IMAGINE THAT!

...Mike, wake up. You're day-dreaming again. IMAGINE THAT!

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